Earth Day Cleanup April 23rd

2016 earth day cleanup

Our Earth Day Cleanup is just around the corner!
We will meet in the parking lot behind O’Neill Coffee in West Middlesex at 9AM on Saturday April 23rd.

The cleanup site is just past the Dairy Farmers of America building, we will walk up together from the parking lot. The site has a lot of tires that need to be removed from the area. We will have 1 or 2 semi trucks there to load the tires onto. We will NOT be getting on the river this day, but the land we are cleaning up runs along the river, and there is also a decent size wetland area on this property that has some tires in it, so bringing your waders might be helpful. We are concentrating on the large tire piles (that are on dry land) first, and if we can get through them, we will move on towards the wetlands to cleanup that area.
Below are some photos of the tire piles that we will be tackling!

Your support and time is greatly appreciated. We hope to see you all there! Bring a friend!

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