2024 Calendar of Events

July 13 – July River Cleanup – 8:00 am | Riverside Park, Greenville – Volunteer

July 14 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | Address Changed – now meeting at New Hamburg

August 10 – August River Cleanup – 8:00 am | Kidds Mill Park, Greenville

August 11 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | Big Bend

August 24 – Lake to Lake Paddle ChallengeRegister

September 8 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | New Hamburg

September 28 – Fall Paddle Fest – 7:30 – 10:00 am Registration | Pymatuning State Park, Jamestown

November 28 – Gobble Wobble – 9:30 am | Buhl Park

Past Events

March 27 – Public Meeting – 6:00 pm | Buhl Park Casino, Hermitage

April 6 – Family Cleanup – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm | Clark Boat Launch | Please RSVP!

April 7 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | Big Bend

April 14 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | New Hamburg

April 20 – Earth Day Cleanup – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | 10 Council Ave. Wheatland, PA

April 20 – Earth Day Festival – 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm | Linden Pointe, Hermitage | More Info

April 28 – Wild Flower Hike – 1:00 pm | Kidds Mill Park | Register

May 5 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | River Road

May 11 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | Big Bend

May 14 – Environmental Education Day | Buhl Park | Volunteer

May 18 – 10 Mile Trail Race – 9:00 am | Kidds Mill Park, Greenville | Register

May 29 – Environmental Education Day – CANCELLED

June 8 – Riverside Outdoor Rexpo (Vendor) – 10:00 am | Event Schedule | More Information

June 9 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | New Hamburg | Directions

June 15 – Spring Paddle Fest – 7:30 – 10:00 Registration | Pymatuning State Park, Jamestown | Register | Volunteer

June 23 – Trail Work Day – 10:00 am | Kidds Mill

Shenango River Named PA’s River of the Year 2021


​Harrisburg, PA — Winding through Northwestern Pennsylvania, connecting Pymatuning and Shenango lakes with the Beaver River via 82 miles of scenic, peaceful river, the Shenango River has been voted the state’s 2021 River of the Year.

The public was invited to vote online, choosing from among five waterways nominated across the state. Results were announced jointly today by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and the Pennsylvania Organization for Waterways and Rivers (POWR).

Other waterways nominated were the Buffalo Creek, Lehigh River, Loyalhanna Creek and Tunkhannock Creek.

“The River of the Year selection does much more than focus on attributes of the most deserving Shenango, it recognizes the Shenango River Watchers and other supporters who rallied behind it,” said DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn. “This annual honor recognizes not only our state’s wealth of rivers and streams, but also the dedicated folks who fight to protect them.”

A total of 16,494 votes were cast, with the Shenango River receiving 5,436; Buffalo Creek, 3,079; Lehigh River, 5,287; Loyalhanna Creek, 1,703; and Tunkhannock Creek, 989.

DCNR and POWR will work with the Shenango River Watchers to create a free, commemorative poster celebrating the Shenango River as the 2021 PA River of the Year.

The Shenango River Watchers will receive a $10,000 Leadership Grant to help fund a slate of year-long 2021 River of the Year activities.

Shenango River Watchers was founded in 2001 by a small group of interested and dedicated citizens. The organization began by hosting trash and litter cleanups. Since 2001, it has removed over 1.5 million pounds of trash from the watershed and attracted more than 50 volunteers at each cleanup event.

In addition to cleanups, they conduct water quality monitoring and aquatic life surveying. In the last 20 years, Shenango River Watchers has provided outdoor, hands-on environmental learning opportunities for hundreds of students within the watershed through its annual Outdoor Environmental Education Day.

Shenango River Watchers is currently the only organization in Mercer County whose sole focus is on the clean-up, preservation and protection of the Shenango River and its recreational opportunities. Shenango River Watchers host over 20 annual events including two successful sojourns attracting up to 400 paddlers per event; an outdoor environmental education day with over 250 local students; and a 5k race that attracts over 1,200 runners plus spectators.

They also partner with other groups to host free recreational workshops such as a fly-casting clinics and introduction to kayaking courses, as well as community hikes, volunteer work days and cleanups.

For 20 years the Shenango River Watchers has demonstrated commitment and ability to plan and implement a wide range of events for the benefit of the community and the Shenango River.

“We are thrilled to have the Shenango River chosen as the Pennsylvania River of the Year! . This is a great honor, not just for the Shenango River Watchers but for our region as a whole. Thank you to DCNR and POWR for this fabulous opportunity,” said Shenango River Watchers President. Dr. Brandi Baros. “Thank you to our volunteers, who have cleaned up 1.5 million pounds of garbage from the river and its watershed and turned a neglected waterway into a paddler’s paradise. Every year we see more and more people come out to enjoy the wondrous recreation opportunities the Shenango has to offer, including kayaking, fishing, hiking, and birdwatching.”

In cooperation with DCNR, selection of public voting choices was overseen by the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR), an affiliate of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.

“POWR would like to commend everyone across the commonwealth for their support for the nominated waterways,” said POWR’s Janet Sweeney. “Enthusiasm for River of the Year continues to grow. This program truly is a wonderful opportunity to showcase all the nominated waterways and the great work being done in Pennsylvania communities on these valuable resources.”

A commemorative River of the Year sojourn is among many paddling trips supported by DCNR and POWR each year. An independent program, the Pennsylvania Sojourn Program, is a unique series of a dozen such trips on the state’s rivers. These water-based journeys for canoeists, kayakers and others raise awareness of the environmental, recreational, tourism and heritage values of rivers. More sojoun information​ and details on grant applications are offered by POWR.

Learn more about River of the Year

Article from : https://www.media.pa.gov/Pages/DCNR_details.aspx?newsid=720&fbclid=IwAR0I27j2DhFXms8oZ28QqBhQNd3XmXghZAZo9RlJjq0zc3_3_Z_N6sbHbhM

River of the Year

The Shenango River has been nominated as PA’s 2021 River of the Year! Winning this award would allow for the Shenango River Watchers to host a long list of events to celebrate the Shenango as River of the Year. This is a great chance to share the beauty of the Shenango River with people from all over the commonwealth as we celebrate SRW’s 20th Anniversary! Please follow the link below to vote and encourage your friends and family to do the same!


The Shenango River winds through Northwestern Pennsylvania, connecting Pymatuning and Shenango Lakes with the Beaver River via 82 miles of scenic, peaceful river. Its history includes use as part of the Erie Canal system during the Industrial Revolution, remnants of which can still be found along the historic Shenango Trail which follows part of its eastern bank. In addition to the swimming, boating, fishing, and waterfowl hunting offered on the lakes, the Shenango River has become a paddler’s paradise, bringing kayakers and canoers from many states to enjoy the diverse wildlife and riparian forest views.

The upper Shenango and its tributaries offer excellent fly fishing for trout, bass, and other choice species. The Upper Shenango River Water Trail runs from Pymatuning Dam, through downtown Greenville’s Riverside Park and, under the historic Kidd’s Mill covered bridge, to Shenango Lake. The Water Trail offers a 23-mile sojourn with Class 1 rapids, easily accessible launch areas, more fishing opportunities, and fabulous bird-watching; including majestic bald eagles, ospreys, kingfishers, and many other waterfowl and songbird species.

In Sharon, the Shenango River is home to WaterFire Sharon, one of America’s premier art and music festivals. From Sharon to New Castle, where the Shenango merges with the Mahoning to form the Beaver River, the Shenango continues to offer beautiful scenery and plentiful launch areas. The Shenango River Watchers and their partner organizations have worked together to clean up the less savory remnants of the River’s industrial past and maintain it as a beautiful destination.

Photo Donated by Helene Dreisbach