Newsletter Archive

2011 in Review, Issue 27
Water Trail; Clean up and Recycling Report; Tri-County Cleanways; the Shale Rush; Japacn Connection; Treasurer’s Report; The Year in Pictures; New Members and Contributors.
2010 in Review, Issue 26
Our New Home; Del Williams; Duferco Oil Spill; Clean up and Recycling Report; Downtown Sharon Bicentennial Park; Trout Island Trail; The Year in Pictures; Open House Announcement; New Members and Contributors.
Spring 2010, Issue 25
Fundraising Picnic Announcement; Earth Day Clean Up Announcement; Kayak Raffle; Updated Website; Tire Recycling Day; Ohio River Sweep; Sharon Beautification Spring Clean Up; Dominion Watershed Mini Grant; Scholarship; New Board Members; SRW Intern; Repeal Day; Placemat Contest.
Fall 2009, Issue 24
Seventh Annual Banquet Announcement; Reports on Clean Ups (Earth Day, May Tire, Neshannock Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Sharon Canoe Launch, August 22 Sharpsville to Sharon); 2009 in Review; Grants Update; Changes to the SRW Board of Directors.
Spring 2009, Issue 23
Earth Day Clean-up Announcement; New Date for 2009 Banquet; Upper Shenango River Water Trail; Growing Greener Grants; Downtown Sharon Riverfront Park Progress; Upcoming Events; Relay for Life; Fish the Shenango Watershed; Sue Wiseman Scholarship.
Fall 2008, Issue 22
Water Trail Public Meeting; Second Annual Repeal Day Celebration Announcement; Thank You to SHS Students; Reviewing 2008 in Pictures; Changes to the SRW Board of Directors; Bicentennial Park Update; Riverfront Park Revitalization Update; 2009 Banquet Announcement; T-Shirt Design Contest; 2009 Scholarship.
Spring 2008, Issue 21
Sixth Annual Banquet Announcement; Upcoming Events for 2008; Shenango River Clean-up and Water Trail Vision; Repeal Day Beer Tasting; Assessing Greenville Surface Water; Research Projects; Act 167 Stormwater Management Plan; Grants Update.
Fall 2007, Issue 20
Golf Courses and the Environment; Remaining 2007 Events; Water Analysis Project; Greenville Dump Site Clean-up Pictures; Sixth Annual Banquet Announcement.
Winter 2006, Issue 19
Partnership with Mercer County Trails Association; Greenville Canoe Launch; DCNR Grant Update; Scholarship Announcement; Recycling; New Office; How Safe is My Drinking Water?; 2006 Events Pictures; Fifth Annual Banquet Announcement.
Summer 2006, Issue 18
Summer Events Schedule; Clean Water Laws Violated; In Memorial; Funding Update; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Visits the Shenango Valley; Bartamian Audubon Society Conservation Award; T-Shirt Contest Winner.
Fall 2005, Issue 17
Local Students Express their Thoughts of the Shenango River; Calling All Artists; Donate Your Fish to Research; Scholarship Applications Available; Clean-ups, Fundraising, and Fun Pictures.
Summer 2005, Issue 16
Third Annual Banquet; Volunteers Needed; Recycling; Muskies, Inc., How Green is Our Valley?; Upcoming Events.
March 2005, Issue 15
Shenango River Lake 40 years old; Third Annual Banquet Announcement; Recycling; Changes to the SRW Board of Directors; Trout Unlimited Banquet; Clean-up Event Announcements; Scholarship Announcement; Storm Drain Stenciling Project; Financial Statement; Upcoming Events.
December 2004, Issue 14
The Year in Review; Hubbard Landfill; Help Wanted; Development Committee Report; Upcoming Events.
September 2004, Issue 13
Hubbard Landfill; I-80 Spill; Harvest Festival; Ducks Unlimited Banquet; Canoe Trip; Committee Reports; Upcoming Events.
June 2004, Issue 12
Hubbard Landfill; Downtown Sharon Beautification; Hermitage School District Involvement; Birding; New Boat; Canoe Launch; Committee Reports; Upcoming Events.
March 2004, Issue 11
Second Annual Banquet Announcement; Committee Reports; Upcoming Events.
October 2003, Issue 10
Canoe Launch; Munnell Run Farm; Clean-up Days, Canoe Trips and Tire Recycling Pictures; Committee Reports; Annual Picnic; Upcoming Events.