Shenango Hiking Trail

Located on the old Erie Canal Extension towpath, the Shenango Trail is 8.75 miles long from Big Bend to Kidds Mill Covered Bridge. This multi-use natural trail is great for hiking, horseback riding, trail running, and bird watching with beautiful views along the Shenango River. You can appreciate the richness of natural attractions along the trail with various plants and animals to observe.

Red – Shenango Trail 8.75 miles | Purple – Bypass Trail .25 miles | Yellow – Pew Rd Entrance .25 miles | Blue – Fishing Loop .5 miles

This trail was once a towpath during the 1800s where mules pulled boats along the canal to link goods from the Great Lakes to Pittsburgh and beyond. There are three trailheads for the Shenango Trail located at Big Bend, New Hamburg, and Kidds Mill in Mercer County.

The trail is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers led by our Trail Manager, Joe Torok. Trail Work Days typically fall on the second Sunday of the month avoiding holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Below is the Trail Work Day schedule for 2024.

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